Bottled water


Spotted this in Euston station, its good there are more spots you can fill up water bottles! Also spotted a similar one in New st. station Birmingham, but didn’t have time to take a picture.

I’m really glad to see the fountains about, however you need to have a bottle to use them. If you don’t they are pretty much useless. I think if they had an option to drink directly from them like a normal drinking fountain they’d be greatly improved. After all what happens if you forget your bottle?


It Is Too Hot!

Avoiding plastic means most icecreams are off limits. Hrumph.

We do have some ice lolly moulds though, so am going to have to start making our own.

Going (slightly) vegetarian!

As we’ve moved further into our attempts at being plastic free, we’ve discovered certain things are damn difficult to buy without plastic!

Fruit & veg are fine,  (although cucumbers are near impossible to get without shrinkwrap- deffs growing some next year!) Plus we’ve found a proper market a to min train ride from our flat which makes this a lot easier!

Rice & Pasta are difficult & although there are plastic-free shops that sell them by the scoop they cost twice what everywhere else charges. Living in london sucks sometimes. One choice would be to make pasta, however as we do the slimming-word thing it costs a ton of syns, plus I’m too lazy to make it regularly! Our workaround here is to buy large bags to at least reduce the amount of packaging per Kg. -its not perfect, but its a workaround.

Meat from the supermarket again is near impossible to buy without tons of plastic. If we had a nearby butchers it could be fine, but we live miles from any non-hipster butchers…. So my partner (who henceforth shall be known as “Trouble”) suggested “Why not go Vegetarian?” After talking it through quite a bit we’ve come to the conclusion that going vegetarian for 6 days out of the week & having one non-veggie day works best for us. It means that we still get to eat some meat (& I get too cook some of the meaty recipes I really like cooking!) but we can afford to be a bit pickier with it.

As its mainly environmental reasons we’re doing this for where the meat comes from and how its been pastured is probably going to be my main focus (plus minimal plastic) however we shall see how tricky it’ll be to find that info!

Packed Lunches

One of the most simple things to reduce waste & be cheap is to make packed lunches. Unfortunately I’m pretty forgetful… So either I forget to make the extra dinner to take into work, I make extra but me + my partner eat it, or it becomes part of tomorrows dinner.


Perhaps the way to do it would be to cook something separate for lunches rather than relying on leftovers, but in a tiny kitchen cooking several things at once gets chaotic fast!

The other difficulty is that we are following the slimming world guidelines…or at least my partner is & I succumb to temptation… more often than I should admit…  Still because of that, sandwiches, bread & pasties are not viable.

Over the next few days I’m going to post a couple of syn  free lunch recipes that (hopefully) are easy to cook alongside a main meal & avoid plastic packaging as much as possible!


Why the blog?

Inspired by my partner I decided to follow their example and create a wordpress blog. Mostly I’m planning on using it for three things:

To jot down recipes

Keep track of our attempts at being plastic free

Posting bits about plants!

I’ll also try and keep posts short (especially the recipes) but I’m sure there’ll be the odd ramble here & there too ^_^